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Power Coating

Hovey Industries adds Powder Coat Painting

Hovey Industries has added powder coat painting to its production services for new and existing customers. With clients in diverse industries such as railroad, construction, institutional and government, Hovey has the experience to handle your requirements.

Offering our services to commercial and industrial customers,
please contact us today for enquiries at sales@hovey.ca.

Proven system for best results

We use a five-stage powder coating pre-treatment and cleaning system that helps create a perfect finish every time. The treatment process helps our powder bond well to metal, which results in a better end product. With our in-house process we can troubleshoot for problems and be extremely accurate with finishing, thickness, texture and turnaround times.

Hovey is ISO 9001 – 2015 certified so our quality process is rigorous:

step 1

Preparing the part for powder coating
The part to be powder coated needs to be free of oil, grease, dirt, metal oxides, welding scales and other contaminants. It can be cleaned chemically by either submersing the part or spraying it with a solution, or mechanically by sandblasting or similar abrasive methods.

step 2

Applying the powder
When the part has been cleaned, the powder coating is applied using a Ransburg hi-delivery electrostatic spray gun. The gun gives the powder a positive charge, which accelerates it to the grounded metal part and makes it cling strongly to the material.

step 3

Curing the powder coat
After spraying, the part is heated for a few minutes in a convection or infrared cure oven to melt the powder into a uniform film, and then cooled to harden the coat.

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