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Hovey has established a strong reputation as a custom metal fabrication specialist.

The quality and skill we provide reflects our wealth of experience, knowledge, high-end equipment, and top-grade materials we use in all of our projects. Our metal fabricators are highly skilled in the Sheet Metal trade and hold professional welding designations. Armed with 35+ years of experience, genuine interest in various materials, metal applications, finishes and metallurgy.

Hovey has evolved into one of the foremost metal fabrication companies that services a vast array of industrial, commercial and institutional clients.

Laser Cutting

As your professional one-stop precision laser cutting facility, we cater to those in the prototype, tool and die, design, railroad, manufacturing and custom metalwork’s industries.

Sheet Metal

We are known for our quality sheet metal workmanship. The commitment of our highly trained staff ensures your project will be undertaken by crafts-people driven by the desire to set best practice standards for their industry.


Since 1979, our precision metalworks group has created prototypes and production runs for a multitude of organizations. We bend but we don't brake! (an old sheet metal joke)

Punch Work

We specialize in supplying quality metal Punch Work, for various projects, and a wide range of applications. We work to precision tolerances and ensure the quality of our parts.


Our expertise, knowledge and experience in numerous types of metal finishing has made us a top quality producer allowing us to offer a wide range of finishes on different products for a multitude of customers.

Welding (MIG & TIG)

Being Canadian Welding Bureau Approved not only offers us the opportunity to meet the requirements of the standards but to verify and improve the skills of our welding personnel achieving quality and productivity to meet and exceed your expectations.

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