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The Hovey Team is committed to providing competitively priced, superior quality products to valued customers.

Our manufacturing personnel receive regular training and are highly skilled in the operation of the most sophisticated CNC manufacturing equipment. The Company’s capabilities include steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabrication. In addition, we perform electrical and gas train assembly.

Our employees are linked to the drafting and design department by a computer network. We maintain a flexible work force by ensuring they are trained on a variety of fabrication equipment.

The manufacturing personnel are key members of our design team. Some of our Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication products include, biological containment hoods, sound attenuating covers and shelters, components used in Auxiliary Power Units and various types of custom enclosures used by industrial and commercial clients.


Our well-trained staff can model your designs, create drawings and electronically transfer your ideas to the plant floor. We offer customer support on all our design and engineering solutions. Along with design our skilled staff also offers insight on manufacturing solutions for prototyping.


Our Hovey commitment to you is to continually produce high quality products and deploy unique processes to improve all our client experiences. Our staff is continuously trained and educated to produce high quality manufactured products that surpass all regulatory standards on every order.


At Hovey we pride ourselves on meeting timelines and all delivery deadlines. Hovey will have the product to you on time every time, as we know this is an essential part of all solid business practices. We can conveniently arrange delivery for you and place it into our scheduling software to guarantee accuracy.

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